About Us

CJ Park and Associates is a full service real estate firm specializing in the acquistions, management, financing, and sale of retail estate assets.

With vast experience in the real estate market cycles and a commitment to deliver safe returns to our investors, CJ Park and Associates, along with its affiliated companies, prides itself on being one of the finest developers and managers of real estate ventures since our inception. A skilled underwriting team matched up with our loyal broker relationships and tenant respectability are the fundamental elements that have made us a leader in the industry.

Our track record speaks for itself. Our founder, Mr. Farhadi has been a part of both thriving and turbulent markets alike. It is that experience that allows him to have such a keen eye in the analysis and due diligence stages of acquistion. From personally overseeing the analysis and due diligence process prior to the purchase to taking an active involvement during the ownership of the asset and management, Mr. Farhadi makes sure that each and every person associated with CJ Park and contributing to its success feels like a member of the team.