Asset Management & Property Portfolio




Our team has found that there is a direct correlation between effective management and the degree of success achieved in an investment. In the past, we have offered promotions such as advertising, commercial spots, and signage benefits to help our tenants improve their business. Our innovative strategies allow our staff to take properties that have been under-performing and redefine them into outstanding, occupied, and performing assets.

At CJ Park and Associates we aim to work honestly and treat our tenants, vendors and employees with the utmost respect and responsibility. We are proud to say that these values have served our team well. We have been rewarded with appreciate tenants and an enthusiastic team of employees. At CJ Park and Associates, we emobody the itengrity and commitment to service that our partners have come to expect. As part of our promise, we strive to build and maintain tenant relationships, oversee the proper upkeep and maintain the aesthetic appeal of properties, and budget and monitor the economic performance. We take a more proactive approach and maintain a dialog that allows us to discover and resolve issues before they become serious problems.